The Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association (SBBA) was founded with one very simple goal: helping bees. And promoting and advancing beekeeping. And educating and mentoring people about best beekeeping practices. And increasing public awareness of environmental concerns affecting bees. Ok, so, technically it’s a lot more than just the one goal, but you get the idea.

We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

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Joining the SBBA won’t get you a cool sticker or a secret handshake. But it will gain you admission to all of the SBBA’s members-only apiary meetups, which are held four to six times a year. And you’ll also be supporting the SBBA’s mission of “Helping People Help Bees” through education, outreach and advocacy right here on the Central Coast.

We think that’s a lot more valuable than a secret handshake. And who’s shaking hands these days, anyway?

Our Commitment

SBBA is committed to the promotion and advancement of beekeeping through best management practices, the education and mentoring of people about bees and beekeeping, and increasing public awareness of environmental concerns affecting bees.
GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency

The Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association is committed to non-profit excellence.

SBBA In Action


Paul Cronshaw’s 40+ years of beekeeping make him an in-demand speaker at large events such as the 2019 Natural Beekeeping Conference, which was held on the campus of USC.

The SBBA also exhibits at many local community events. Our live observation beehive mesmerizes young and old alike, and stimulates a broad range of conversations about the amazing honey bee and the actions we can all take to ensure its survival.


The SBBA provides engaging classroom experiences for students in grades K – 12. These classes educate students about the importance of honey bees and what we all can do to help protect and preserve this vital species.


Our highly popular Beginning Backyard Beekeeping (B3) course equips aspiring beekeepers with everything they need to know in order to start hosting bees in their own backyard.

Our apiary meetups serve new beekeepers as well as veteran beeks who want to continue learning through hands-on experiences.


The SBBA plays a vital role in the community by assisting with the safe removal and relocation of bees, through advice, referrals and hands-on support.

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Educating, Inspiring, and Empowering a Community

The SBBA is committed to providing education throughout our community to raise awareness of the plight of bees. We strive to inspire others to take positive action, whether it by planting a pollinator-friendly garden, eliminating the use of harmful pesticides, or simply being a vocal advocate for these amazing creatures. And of course, we also focus on empowering beekeepers of all levels to become better custodians of the bees!

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SBBA proudly supports the bee population of California's Central Coast.

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