Hive Registration

CA BeeWhere Program

Starting in 2019, the State of California began rolling out its BeeWhere program, under which all California beekeepers are required by law to register their hives. This registration can be done online or via a free mobile app that drops a pin on your hive location. At this time there is no charge for registering your hives, although a $10 fee (per beekeeper, not per hive) may be implemented in the future.

From a hobbyist beekeeper’s standpoint, the primary benefit of BeeWhere is that commercial pesticide applicators are required to provide you with advance notice of any bee-toxic pesticide application that is scheduled to occur within a one-mile radius of your hives.

All information about the hive owner and location of hives is kept confidential and only available to the County Ag Commissioners. For more information on BeeWhere and how to register your hives, click here: