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The Santa Barbara Beekeeper’s Association is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of beekeeping through best management practices, the education and mentoring of people about bees and beekeeping, and increasing public awareness of environmental concerns affecting bees. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

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Your donation will help fund special presentations at schools and organizations to inform the public about threats to bees worldwide. The bees need our help to ensure their survival, and they are vital to ours.

Four to six times a year, members meet for two hours at an educational apiary to get hands-on beekeeping experience centered around the seasonal changes and needs of the hive.

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Literally save the bees with help from local beekeepers

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After a full cut out (video coming soon!) we reintroduced the queen to her girls!When we started the cut out, we made sure to find her and trap her. We did not want to start cutting up their home and have her flee or get injured. So the safest thing to do is trap her until we are finished. This was the swarm we vacuumed up from an attic. We hope they like their new home.

This is called the “Hogan Bee Trap.” It begins with attaching a small tunnel-like box to the bee tree or other structure. After a few days, the bees become accustomed to using this box as their new entrance. Next, an 8 or 10 frame Langstroth hive is added. The bees now have to enter the Langstroth and go through tunnel to get to their tree original nest cavity.

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